How I like to keep fit

I thought it would be good to continue on about my health and fitness regime. So what I do now is kind of similar but I’m more about maintaining my body rather than the “NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT RIGHT NOW” thing.

So, fitness: I like to walk to places rather than driving unless it’s far. Walking is fun! Just stick some headphones in and explore the area. Commuting to London for uni involves a lot of walking. And running. I run a lot through stations to catch trains. By the time I get on the train, I have mini heart attacks (don’t worry, not literally). But I see it as my day’s workout if I don’t get time to workout in the morning.

I still use my cross trainer at home. After 20-30 mins of it, based on the amount of sweat that appears, I know that I’ve done a good workout on there. Back then I religiously did Zumba at home. And actually I still do it now, but just not that often. Ever just wake up and feel like dancing? That’s me, so I gotta do a bit of Zumba! I also get the urge to skip. But I’m not the best at it. When the weather gets better and hopefully that’s soon (yaay British weather..), I’m going to practice and improve my time – I can only skip for about 10 seconds.DSC_3930.jpg

But wait.. there’s more. One thing I tell everyone about is Blogilates. I have been doing Blogilates on YouTube for a couple of years and it’s the best! You’ll find a huge range of pilates, cardio and strength videos, all by Cassey Ho. Not only does she have workout videos, but she posts about recipes, that look so good! And she also talks about her own experiences, which I find really inspiring and it’s stuff I can connect to, so check it out!

I was also introduced to the 30 day shred (which can be found on YouTube as well). It’s a 20 minute workout for 30 days, with strength (using weights), cardio and ab moves, which will make you sweat. Honestly. After 20 minutes, you’ll be on the floor. There are 3 levels: Do Level 1 for 10 days, Level 2 for the next 10 days then Level 3 for the last 10 days. Pretty easy right? I’ve been doing the 30 day shred for 5 months (so repeating it every month) and I have seen a difference. I’m starting to tone and I’m getting fitter! I can almost do a push up, which is an achievement for me!

Can I just add, to be fit, you don’t need a gym! I have never been to a gym before. Well actually I tried last year. I went for 2 weeks and didn’t find it fun compared to the things I do at home. In an hour at the gym, I would sweat a little bit, but not as much as a 20 minute workout at home. So those days where you really can’t find the motivation to leave the house to go to the gym, why not workout at home? Give Blogilates a try or maybe attempt the 30 days shred!

And just remember, keep fit to be happy 🙂 xxx


My Weightloss Journey pt.2

During the weightloss period, I was concentrating on getting to a certain number and only worked out to lose weight. When losing weight, I noticed that some months I would actually drop in numbers, but other times it would stay the same. Around December 2013 to March 2014, even if I was pushing myself, sweating loads and eating clean, the scales weren’t going down. I kept thinking about it and it was stressing me out. I even felt like giving up with working out. But I thought about all that hard work I did put in and all that motivation, so I carried on with what I was doing. After a bit f patience and stepping up my game, the weight was going down. In the end I reached up goal weight and I was really proud of myself.

Looking back, I think losing weight got a bit obsessive. Losing weight was the only thing I could think about then. But that is unhealthy. I kept weighing myself, looking in the mirror and seeing how I could keep losing weight. This affected me mentally. So what I want to say to everyone who does want to lose weight is to not just go by numbers, because it will make losing weight a stressful thing and that’s not what it should be about. You should feel happy and motivated about losing weight. Rather than waking up and thinking “I need to weigh myself” and hope for the numbers to go down, wake up and just enjoy working out, think about how fun it actually is! Since I got to my goal weight, I haven’t stepped on the scales and I refuse to look at them. I don’t see the need to weigh myself every week or month. I base everything on how happy I am, if I feel fitter and if my clothes still fit me. Also, if you are weighing yourself, don’t worry about if the number on the scale isn’t going down even if you are regularly working out and eating well. It’s called a plateau. All bodies go through it when losing weight and it isn’t something to worry about. It happens for a number of reasons: 1) when you’re closer to your goal weight, there is less fat to burn, so it is harder to lose it. 2) you’re body wants to hold onto the last bits of fat, making it harder burn it off. But don’t worry, it happens to so many people! Just kquote.jpgeep going with working out and eating healthy, maybe change up the routine, find different ways of working out and you will come out of the plateau in no time.

I now work out and eat well to be happy. I love waking up and working out! It gives me the energy boost for the day ahead and I feel more active. I hope that rather seeing this negatively, everyone sees this as a bit of advice from my experience! One more thing… always love your body! 🙂 xxx

My Weightloss Journey

Time to talk “a bit” about why I’m quite into health and fitness (it’s basically a story, so I apologise for the length).Before and After.png

Growing up, I was never the thinnest or slimmest child. My mum said that I was born chubby and have always been like that. There wasn’t anything wrong with the way I ate and I wasn’t completely lazy, I was just a chubby child!

When I was in my teens, maybe around 16-17 years old, I remember waking up and looking in the mirror and suddenly felt unhappy. It’s not like I was bullied about my weight or anything. Actually I’m still trying to figure out what influenced me. I stepped onto the scales and saw the numbers. I was upset and I felt embarrassed that I didn’t realise I was overweight. I started to have negative thoughts about myself, I couldn’t stop thinking about what the scale showed.

After that day, every time I looked in the mirror, I saw myself as overweight and it really affected me and I had to do something about it. So, I was more cautious about the things I ate. My eating habits in my high school years may have been a cause for my slow metabolism. I didn’t like breakfast and wasn’t too keen on eating lunch, so when I used to get home, I’d be starving and would’ve had an “afternoon snack”. But that wasn’t a snack! I used to have a plate of food, still feel hungry so ate some more (another plate of food). Then when it was dinner time, I’d eat another two plates of food. I ate too much at the wrong times, confusing my body, which was a contributing factor to why I wasn’t losing weight. I decided I had to eat breakfast, even if I had to force myself to eat early in the morning. I would eat every two hours, snack on fruit/veg or nuts and reduce my portion sizes.

What was next? It was time to sweat it out and exercise (sweating wasn’t my favourite thing to do in the past!). I bought Zumba and played it about three times a week and started to actually enjoy exercising. I used the cross trainer in my parents room which everyone used to hang the clothes on and discovered Blogilates on YouTube.

Though it was hard work and took time, I eventually saw the results. Every month when I went on the scales, I noticed the number dropping and my clothes were getting big for me. At 16/17 I was a size 14, almost a 16 (UK size) and now I’m a 10, so I’m pretty happy about that! I started getting compliments and just felt good about myself. I had the motivation to keep going and try new things. Eating healthy became a habit for me, like eating whenever I’d hungry, but not on the bad sugars and fats, stuff like fruit, veggies etc. I started drinking a lot more water, oh and green tea of course! Everyone knows about my love for green tea!

These are all things that I still do now and think of it as part of my lifestyle. It’s something I enjoy doing and makes me feel good. I like sharing my story and helping others through my experience.