Hi again…

I feel like I disappeared from here. It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything… but I’m back and hopefully I won’t disappear again!

So being in uni, I had waaaaay too many assignments due in the last month and it made me feel really panicky. I wanted to put 100% into all my assignments, which is why I didn’t post anything. I needed to concentrate on studying and all the work I had, so I didn’t get time for my blog :(. Then when I did get a bit of time, I was working during the day, so again.. no time!

I have been thinking about my blog for ages and got so many of ideas on what to blog about. There’s a huge list of things I want to write about and I can’t stop thinking about it! Now that my assignments are out of the way (BEST FEELING EVER), I can now focus on the blog and start posting regularly.

I’m excited to start writing again and to actually get this blog off the road!

Look forward to it!!! 😉 xxx


“Short and little” introduction

Do you ever get the sudden urge to write about something? I don’t kno2016-05-25-00-15-29w if it’s just me, but I want to tell people about my interests, beauty and lifestyle in particular, which leads me onto what the blog is about! So here’s an intro to my blog. I know introductions aren’t the most interesting blog posts, but I should start somewhere!
Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog, Green Tea & Lipstick!
I’m Mariam, from London and I’m a business student who came across the term blog. In my spare time, or whenever I get the opportunity to relax, I like to dedicate it to beauty and lifestyle. That could be from skincare and makeup, to staying healthy, catching up on trends and occasionally travelling. And this is where I’ll start with why I decided to start a blog.

Beauty and lifestyle are things that have always been part of who I am and I love talking to people be it family, friends or even people I have just met and quite a few of them have said to start a blog, which has encouraged me more. I feel like I can always start a conversation about these topics but even learning more about beauty and lifestyle keeps me interested. These have always been part of who I am and would love to write about it all.

There are products that I have bought and tried, or just things that I like to do that I want to tell more people about, show them what is working for me and potentially what could work for other people. I also want to help others who may have been or who are curious about stuff like skincare, makeup products, health and fitness tips and the list can go on! There are times where I have wanted to find something out, try looking on the internet but can’t find it. I always wonder if it’s because people don’t want to write about these things or because they aren’t huge. In the end I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I start writing about these things instead? There may be people like me who want to find out about stuff too!” So, this is why I want to blog. To help people, hopefully keep everyone interested and it gives me a good excuse to write about stuff I want to talk about with people!

Oh right! Green Tea & Lipstick.. the name! Ok so literally everyday, there are two things I always talk about and I think you can guess what they are (hint: it’s the name of the blog). I do love green tea and lipstick and thought it makes sense for the blog too. Why? Well, green tea is part of my lifestyle, I drink loads of it everyday and it’s healthy. Lipstick is just the best, I love it! I have a habit of collecting lipsticks, always in the same shades, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.. so that is why I decided to go with Green Tea & Lipstick for the name!

With that all said, I hope everyone can benefit from my posts and enjoy reading them! x

(Let the blog posts begin!)