La Bella e la Bestia Lipsticks

Can I just say, I’ve learnt how to say Beauty and the Beast in Italian – La Bella e la Bestia. Does it count?
Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite Disney movie ever since I can remember. So a few months ago, when I heard that L’Oréal was releasing limited edition Color Riche Beauty and the Beast lipsticks (and nail polishes), I went straight online for it, only to find out that it was sold on Amazon… in Italy! WHAT?! WHY?! Obviously I don’t know why but it was possible to order it on Amazon. I tried to buy it times but everything was sold out within less than a day. Even after a week, I kept trying (I don’t like giving up too easily). Though, in the end, I had to accept that I wouldn’t have these lipsticks in my collection *sigh*.


UNTIL a couple of weeks ago. I was going through the history on my phone and was curious about the lipsticks, so I clicked the link (best decision ever). After months, the lipsticks were back in stock! I managed to buy 3 of them at around 12 Euros each: Bell, Beast and the Feather Duster. All the colours are very wearable for any occasion and I feel that with L’Oréal’s Color Riche collection, the lipsticks are quite moisturising. Oh and can we just talk about the packaging. The velvet packaging, designed for each character makes me love the lipsticks even more ♥. B&B swatch.png

For everyone who has been looking for the lipsticks, check out Amazon Italy and most of the shades should be in stock. Why not add a bit of Disney to your lipstick/makeup collection?

Here’s a link to the website:


Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

DSC_3973.JPGThis is something I have been excited to talk about! So a few months ago when I saw this product on Instagram, I searched everywhere trying to find out what it was. After days of researching, I eventually found out it was a Bobbi Brown lip product and was ready to buy it, but it hadn’t been launched at the time.. so I had to wait (great, waiting..). Of course, me being me, I kept going onto the website to see if it had launched, which it hadn’t and there was no launch date. I signed up to receive an email about when it was going to launch so that I could buy one ASAP!

In March, when I wasn’t expecting it, I got an email saying the product was out! The day after, I took a trip to a Bobbi Brown store close to uni to pick up my Art Stick. Okay.. I skipped a couple of lectures so that I had time to go, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I got to Bobbi Brown and probably sat there for about 45 mins with the makeup artist looking at different shades and tested about 7 of them. After all that time, I finally decided on a shade, but I kind of had my eyes set on another shade too, so I bought two (couldn’t help it).Art Stick

I have the shades Cherry and English Rose, two very pretty and wearable colours. The liquid lipstick is matte, but doesn’t make the lips feel dry. I feel that with other liquid lipsticks like NYX, tend to dry out and makes the lips feel really dry and clumpy. But with the Bobbi Brown one, although it’s matte, it feels really hydrating, so you wouldn’t need to keep reapplying. The colours are very pigmented and last on me for a good 4-5 hours. Even after the colour fades, it tints the lips, so it looks like there’s still something on the lips. Let’s just say it’s a more natural look.

Downside: I haven’t quite got the hang of using the actual lipstick. I find it a bit difficult to get the product out as it is in a squeezable tube, but maybe it’s something to get used to.

I love the selection of shades and might possibly splurge on another.. just waiting for payday! The colours are pretty and I’d say the art stick is different to other liquid lipsticks that are around. I recommend it for everyone’s lipstick collection and its something you won’t regret it or get buyer’s remorse (I definitely didn’t!).




Asiana Beauty Box

A box full of makeup and skincare products.DSC_3961.JPG

Sounds good? And not just any brands, there’s Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Mac, Origins and Smashbox. Even better right? It got me excited! The Asianabox includes all of this for only £25. YES, ONLY £25! I was scrolling on Facebook and saw the ad. I looked at the comments and people were giving good reviews for it, so obviously I had to buy it. Delivery was quick. I got an email saying that it would take 10 days but it actually took 3!

I opened my parcel to see a box (a nice looking box). I took the lid off and there were cards, one thank you note, some showing each product and the other giving advice on how to use each product. I opened the tissue paper and there appeared the products. Ok so I’m not going to lie, some of the products were a bit smaller than I expected. A few of them were sample sizes, but I read online that people got original sizes.. but people meant that the products were miniature versions, not sample sizes. I mean for £25 I shouldn’t have expected the full sized products..

So inside the box:the products.JPG

  • Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser
  • Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturiser
  • Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
  • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Black Ink
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Lips & Cheek Powder Pink
  • Mac False Lashes Mascara Extreme Black
  • Clinique All About Shadow Duos Night Cap

Although I was surprised about the sizes of some products, I’m still happy with the box. Hey I got all this for £25, of course I’m happy! It’s good that they are small sizes, so I can test them out, see if it’s worth buying the full sizes. I looove the makeup products, especially because they are high end products. I got a Bobbi Brown eyeliner for my eyeliner collection and a lip/cheek duo! I definitely do recommend it to everyone. You do get some full sized products, so why not! Here’s the link: 

RiRe Lip Powder

Lip Powder. Yes, a lipstick that is a powder! Cool, right?

I came across RiRe Lip Powder when searching dsc_3933around for a “must have” lipstick to add to my collection. RiRe is Korean and the products are average prices (affordable). I love looking for new, affordable makeup products and I’m a huge fan of using Korean cosmetics. So when I saw this, I had to buy it. I bought two shades: Sugar Rose and Fashion Red. I bought them from eBay for £7 each and delivery took a few weeks. I was really excited when it came.               I opened the parcel and saw that it was an rire-lip-powderactual powder! Then wondered how to actually use it. So whilst swatching them, I noticed that the powder turned into a matte lipstick sort of thing and thought the pigment was quite good. Applying the powder onto the lips was a bit hard, as in it was a bit powdery but when it dried it was fine. After about half an hour of applying it, the powder dried onto my lips and got a bit clumpy which meant I had to keep re-applying, but that’s the only downside.

Overall, I’d give the product 5 Stars for its uniqueness and the colours are nice, also quite long lasting, but for application, I would give it 3 Stars. I would keep using it and it’s not like other lip products, so I recommend everyone to buy a RiRe Lip Powder and add it your collection