RiRe Lip Powder

Lip Powder. Yes, a lipstick that is a powder! Cool, right?

I came across RiRe Lip Powder when searching dsc_3933around for a “must have” lipstick to add to my collection. RiRe is Korean and the products are average prices (affordable). I love looking for new, affordable makeup products and I’m a huge fan of using Korean cosmetics. So when I saw this, I had to buy it. I bought two shades: Sugar Rose and Fashion Red. I bought them from eBay for £7 each and delivery took a few weeks. I was really excited when it came.               I opened the parcel and saw that it was an rire-lip-powderactual powder! Then wondered how to actually use it. So whilst swatching them, I noticed that the powder turned into a matte lipstick sort of thing and thought the pigment was quite good. Applying the powder onto the lips was a bit hard, as in it was a bit powdery but when it dried it was fine. After about half an hour of applying it, the powder dried onto my lips and got a bit clumpy which meant I had to keep re-applying, but that’s the only downside.

Overall, I’d give the product 5 Stars for its uniqueness and the colours are nice, also quite long lasting, but for application, I would give it 3 Stars. I would keep using it and it’s not like other lip products, so I recommend everyone to buy a RiRe Lip Powder and add it your collection!