Welcome to Green Tea & Lipstick, a place for beauty and lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Mariam, born and raised in a small town in London, though I consider myself as a city girl. Every time I wonder around London, what do I do? Walk into the beauty section of department stores or go into makeup shops and always “accidently” purchase another makeup item or skincare product (some say I’m shopaholic, I say it’s a hobby). From making in store purchases, I started going online, which showed me so much more. From blogs to articles on beauty, I started getting more into it. Looking at what beauty is like in other countries, trying out new products and a bit of DIY, I never get bored of it, which is what got me started on blogging.

I have you covered on Beauty, from skincare to makeup, including: Face masks, skincare products and routines, hair care and makeup.

I also wanted to include a Lifestyle category:

  • I want to talk about health and fitness as they play quite a big part of my life.
  • Recipes that I like using and a few inventions too.
  • Food, as in restaurants that have stood out to me.
  • Cakes. I bake, I’ve had cake orders and it’s something I love doing.
  • Fashion & Style because we all need a bit of trend talk!
  • Travel. I love travelling and any opportunity to travel!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and hopefully get something out of them! x