Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip

DSC_3973.JPGThis is something I have been excited to talk about! So a few months ago when I saw this product on Instagram, I searched everywhere trying to find out what it was. After days of researching, I eventually found out it was a Bobbi Brown lip product and was ready to buy it, but it hadn’t been launched at the time.. so I had to wait (great, waiting..). Of course, me being me, I kept going onto the website to see if it had launched, which it hadn’t and there was no launch date. I signed up to receive an email about when it was going to launch so that I could buy one ASAP!

In March, when I wasn’t expecting it, I got an email saying the product was out! The day after, I took a trip to a Bobbi Brown store close to uni to pick up my Art Stick. Okay.. I skipped a couple of lectures so that I had time to go, but I don’t feel guilty about it. I got to Bobbi Brown and probably sat there for about 45 mins with the makeup artist looking at different shades and tested about 7 of them. After all that time, I finally decided on a shade, but I kind of had my eyes set on another shade too, so I bought two (couldn’t help it).Art Stick

I have the shades Cherry and English Rose, two very pretty and wearable colours. The liquid lipstick is matte, but doesn’t make the lips feel dry. I feel that with other liquid lipsticks like NYX, tend to dry out and makes the lips feel really dry and clumpy. But with the Bobbi Brown one, although it’s matte, it feels really hydrating, so you wouldn’t need to keep reapplying. The colours are very pigmented and last on me for a good 4-5 hours. Even after the colour fades, it tints the lips, so it looks like there’s still something on the lips. Let’s just say it’s a more natural look.

Downside: I haven’t quite got the hang of using the actual lipstick. I find it a bit difficult to get the product out as it is in a squeezable tube, but maybe it’s something to get used to.

I love the selection of shades and might possibly splurge on another.. just waiting for payday! The colours are pretty and I’d say the art stick is different to other liquid lipsticks that are around. I recommend it for everyone’s lipstick collection and its something you won’t regret it or get buyer’s remorse (I definitely didn’t!).





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