My Weightloss Journey pt.2

During the weightloss period, I was concentrating on getting to a certain number and only worked out to lose weight. When losing weight, I noticed that some months I would actually drop in numbers, but other times it would stay the same. Around December 2013 to March 2014, even if I was pushing myself, sweating loads and eating clean, the scales weren’t going down. I kept thinking about it and it was stressing me out. I even felt like giving up with working out. But I thought about all that hard work I did put in and all that motivation, so I carried on with what I was doing. After a bit f patience and stepping up my game, the weight was going down. In the end I reached up goal weight and I was really proud of myself.

Looking back, I think losing weight got a bit obsessive. Losing weight was the only thing I could think about then. But that is unhealthy. I kept weighing myself, looking in the mirror and seeing how I could keep losing weight. This affected me mentally. So what I want to say to everyone who does want to lose weight is to not just go by numbers, because it will make losing weight a stressful thing and that’s not what it should be about. You should feel happy and motivated about losing weight. Rather than waking up and thinking “I need to weigh myself” and hope for the numbers to go down, wake up and just enjoy working out, think about how fun it actually is! Since I got to my goal weight, I haven’t stepped on the scales and I refuse to look at them. I don’t see the need to weigh myself every week or month. I base everything on how happy I am, if I feel fitter and if my clothes still fit me. Also, if you are weighing yourself, don’t worry about if the number on the scale isn’t going down even if you are regularly working out and eating well. It’s called a plateau. All bodies go through it when losing weight and it isn’t something to worry about. It happens for a number of reasons: 1) when you’re closer to your goal weight, there is less fat to burn, so it is harder to lose it. 2) you’re body wants to hold onto the last bits of fat, making it harder burn it off. But don’t worry, it happens to so many people! Just kquote.jpgeep going with working out and eating healthy, maybe change up the routine, find different ways of working out and you will come out of the plateau in no time.

I now work out and eat well to be happy. I love waking up and working out! It gives me the energy boost for the day ahead and I feel more active. I hope that rather seeing this negatively, everyone sees this as a bit of advice from my experience! One more thing… always love your body! 🙂 xxx


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