Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Mask


I have been wanting the clay mask for such a long time and finally bought it last month. I love face masks and all things skin care, especially Korean products, so I had to buy it (you can find it on eBay).

It took about a month to come because it was from South Korea, but I’m used to waiting for things from eBay.. yes I buy a lot from eBay.. mostly skincare products.

It has a little piggy on it!

The parcel finally came and obviously before using it, I had to take pictures of it. Then eventually I opened it. The mask itself is grey because of the clay and it was kind of gooey. Some of the ingredients include green tea (my favourite!), pomegranate, charcoal (of course), aloe vera etc. The mask comes with a mini spatula to make it easier to apply, although I just used my fingers. Of course with a face mask you put it all over your face, which is what I did, then waited for it to work its magic.

Grey and gooey.

When I saw the mask, I thought about if it would actually bubble up on the face, just because it was gooey looking. BUT it did bubble up! After a few minutes of putting it on, I heard the bubbles fizz up and saw a few appear on my face. Then after about 10 minutes, more came. Not just a few more, but my face looked like it puffed up with bubbles. It was an interesting look! So more and more bubbles came, my face still looked puffy, like a grey marshmallow if I say so myself. The mask is supposed to harden and exfoliate your face. Not only does it cleanse and exfoliate, but it unclogs pores too! I let it harden a bit then decided it was time to take it off. By the way, that wasn’t the easiest thing to do. The mask refused to come off.. but after scrubbing my face loads, it eventually did come off. Because it was so hard to take off, my face was red and it was stinging slightly, but not to worry, it went down after a while. I closely looked in the mirror and can say YES it did cleanse my face and le pores were no more! The product does what it tells you, which is a relief!

What did I think overall? I do like it, because it’s something that you wouldn’t usually see and my face looks nice and clear, oh and really smooth. The downside for me is taking it off. Maybe I left it on for too long, but without a cloth or something, it won’t come off. But.. that’s only a small thing. So I recommend it if you love face masks. It’s something to add maybe once a week to your skincare routine!



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