My Weightloss Journey

Time to talk “a bit” about why I’m quite into health and fitness (it’s basically a story, so I apologise for the length).Before and After.png

Growing up, I was never the thinnest or slimmest child. My mum said that I was born chubby and have always been like that. There wasn’t anything wrong with the way I ate and I wasn’t completely lazy, I was just a chubby child!

When I was in my teens, maybe around 16-17 years old, I remember waking up and looking in the mirror and suddenly felt unhappy. It’s not like I was bullied about my weight or anything. Actually I’m still trying to figure out what influenced me. I stepped onto the scales and saw the numbers. I was upset and I felt embarrassed that I didn’t realise I was overweight. I started to have negative thoughts about myself, I couldn’t stop thinking about what the scale showed.

After that day, every time I looked in the mirror, I saw myself as overweight and it really affected me and I had to do something about it. So, I was more cautious about the things I ate. My eating habits in my high school years may have been a cause for my slow metabolism. I didn’t like breakfast and wasn’t too keen on eating lunch, so when I used to get home, I’d be starving and would’ve had an “afternoon snack”. But that wasn’t a snack! I used to have a plate of food, still feel hungry so ate some more (another plate of food). Then when it was dinner time, I’d eat another two plates of food. I ate too much at the wrong times, confusing my body, which was a contributing factor to why I wasn’t losing weight. I decided I had to eat breakfast, even if I had to force myself to eat early in the morning. I would eat every two hours, snack on fruit/veg or nuts and reduce my portion sizes.

What was next? It was time to sweat it out and exercise (sweating wasn’t my favourite thing to do in the past!). I bought Zumba and played it about three times a week and started to actually enjoy exercising. I used the cross trainer in my parents room which everyone used to hang the clothes on and discovered Blogilates on YouTube.

Though it was hard work and took time, I eventually saw the results. Every month when I went on the scales, I noticed the number dropping and my clothes were getting big for me. At 16/17 I was a size 14, almost a 16 (UK size) and now I’m a 10, so I’m pretty happy about that! I started getting compliments and just felt good about myself. I had the motivation to keep going and try new things. Eating healthy became a habit for me, like eating whenever I’d hungry, but not on the bad sugars and fats, stuff like fruit, veggies etc. I started drinking a lot more water, oh and green tea of course! Everyone knows about my love for green tea!

These are all things that I still do now and think of it as part of my lifestyle. It’s something I enjoy doing and makes me feel good. I like sharing my story and helping others through my experience.


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